full body massage chairs

A perfect massage chair is one that meets your very specific needs for total relaxation or for pain relief and yet, for some, won’t ruin your budget. There is a wide range of prices and features, so take your time and check out the marvelous chairs that are available. Go and experience them in person to get a good “feel” because everyone’s body is individual and responds to different fits and mechanics.

Settings and massage techniques aim to relax various parts of your body and/or relieve aches and pains. Pain management takes more time to find because you want one for your specific problems, whether they are lower back pains, ones in your shoulders and neck, a need to re-align your spine and back, or whatever the pains may be. One chair may give a firm massage chair reviews that works out the kinks and kneads your body while another may give a soft and brief massage if that is all that you require.

massage chair reviews

A “zero gravity” chair refers to the recline position where your feet go up and your weight is distributed all over your body. This position gives you a weightless feeling while it relieves stress and relieves the spine.

The space in the room that will be allocated for the chair is also a major point because some of the chairs are big and too heavy to handle and will not fit into a tight place.

It pays to do research online, watch videos, and read articles and reviews by real customers that further explain the whole concept and the personal experiences. Do that before going to try out chairs so that you are not greeted by a huge number of massagers and cannot begin to narrow down ones that you really want to try.

Buy your chair from a reputable company that has been selling massagers for years. Especially at a trade show, be aware of “no name” brands at lower prices because they will most likely end up to be a real disappointment. Make sure that the chair has a good warranty. Read the fine print closely to make sure that the warranty is not deliberately vague in order to cover the fact that it actually covers little or nothing.

Following are examples of full body massage chairs that will make you aware of some of the choices on the market that will make your life and body “blissful:”

Osaki OS-4000T Executive Zero Gravity

This chair means deciding to make a solid investment for the superior quality of design and assembly, features, and the years of service you can expect. The chair includes four massage functions, five massage presets, body scanning, 30-inch roller strokes, and 48 airbags that cushion almost the entire body. Its ergonomic S-track has the rollers moving up and down the spine where an L-track extends down to the hamstrings and buttocks.

Human Touch iJoy-2580 Massage Chair

This brand is known for quality budget chairs that for six years have won awards in Design Excellence competition. Favorite features include three automated and invigorating massage programs that provide whole body healing, stress relief, and relaxation. This chair is light, long-lasting for up to a decade if well treated, and occupies very little space.

Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair

This is one of the lower-priced massage chairs, but it is highly rated and gives a good 30-minute uninterrupted head to toe massage from its four massage functions. It is a zero gravity chair that has therapeutic airbags and a built-in heat therapy in the back.